How Chinese Medicine Works


Chinese Medicine is looking at the human body through the holist aspect.  It is not only treating the disease but also the balance of the human body.  In Chinese Medicine concepts that signs and symptoms of individuals reflect the condition of the Internal Organs.  Therefore, each patient is treated based on the specific condition of that individual.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi (life source) is thought to circulate within energy pathways or meridians longitudinally throughout the body.  There are 14 major meridians, corresponding to the Western definition of “organs”.  Acupuncture points are  specific locations on the body considered to be connected to these energy meridians.  During illness Qi is thought to be out of balance, and stimulation of  acupuncture points corrects this imbalance.  When stimulate these specific points, an “excess” or “deficiency” of Qi can be “normalized”.