What to expect during the consultation


We used four basic diagnostic methods to differentiate diseases:


 1. Inquiries

Diagnosis by interrogation is a very important part of Chinese diagnosis.  This is to ask all sort of questions about individual’s living condition, the emotional condition, the cause of the problem and also the general health that is the digestion, appetite, sleep, thirsty, pain, sweating ...etc.


2. Inspection/Observation

This is to observe individual’s complexion, sprit, body structures, skin, head and face, eyes, nose, throat, mouth, and also the tongue.  In Chinese Medicine, this is a very important to look at individual’s tongue because the tongue reflect the person’s digestion system.


3. Auscultation & Olfaction

Diagnosis by hearing includes listening to the sound and pitch of the voice, cough, and breathing.  In addition, any abnormal body smell related to the imbalance of the Internal Organs.


 4. Palpation

This is to palpate the pulse, skin, limbs, hand, chest, and abdomen.


After gathering all the information that we required, we'll choose the best modalities to treat the condition.